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    Brian Klein
    Brian Klein

    Pirate Training 101.4

    If ye can't trust a pirate, ye damn well can't trust a merchant either. Since yer here and we can't get rid of you through traditional means; ye might want be learn'in the local language or be run through; As the Cap'n expects a certain understanding before dealing with the likes of you and Jack Ketch ain't got time for you.

    • No Prey, No Pay    
      • The ship’s crew received no wages; however they got a part of the loot or treasure
    • Old Salt    
      • Experienced pirate or sailor
    • Pieces of eight    
      • Spanish coins in pirate treasures
    • Pillage    
      • Rob, ransack or plunder
    • Piracy    
      • Robbery performed at sea, often to another ship
    • Plunder    
      • Take booty or burglarize
    • Poop deck    
      • (Not the toilet!) This is a part of the ship above the Captain’s headquarters at the farthest point back
    • Privateer    
      • Government-appointed pirates
    • Red Ensign    
      • British Flag
    • Rum    
      • Pirate's favorite alcoholic beverage
    • Run a Rig    
      • Play a joke or a trick on someone
    • Run a Shot Across the Bow    
      • Warning shot given to another boat's Captain
    • Sail, Ho!    
      • A warning that another ship is in view
    • Savvy?    
      • A question asking, “Do you get it?” or “Do you understand?”
    • Scallywag    
      • A kidding type of word that a superior pirate might call one of the rookie pirates
    • Scourge of the 7 Seas    
      • Pirate known as the worst kind
    • Scurvy Dog    
      • The pirate is calling you an insulting name
    • Scuttle    
      • Sink a ship
    • Seadog    
      • A veteran sailor or old pirate
    • Sea Legs    
      • When a sailor adjusts his balance from riding on a boat for a long time
    • Shark Bait    
      • This is what you become after you walk the plank
    • Shipshape    
      • The ship is managed and clean, everything is under control
    • Shiver Me Timbers!    
      • Something like, "Holy Cow!" a surprised or shocked expression
    • Sink Me!    
      • Another expression of surprise
    • Son of a Biscuit Eater    
      • A name or insult for someone you dislike
    • Splice the Mainbrace!    
      • Pass a round of drinks out to the crew
    • Spyglass    
      • Telescope
    • Squiffy    
      • Tipsy or intoxicated, shaky footing
    • Strike Colors    
      • Lower a ship’s flag to indicate surrender
    • Swab    
      • Mop or clean the ship’s deck and floorboards
    • Take a Caulk    
      • Take a nap
    • Tar    
      • Sailor, crew member
    • Thar She Blows!    
      • Whale sighting
    • Three Sheets to the Wind    
      • Very drunk, intoxicated
    • Walk the Plank    
      • Prisoner is ordered to walk off the board overlapping the ocean, which results in drowning and presumably a meet-up with Davy Jones Locker.
    • Weigh Anchor and Hoist the Mizzen!    
      • An order to the crew to pull up the anchor and get this ship sailing!
    • Wench    
      • A woman or peasant girl
    • Ye    
      • You
    • Yellow Jack    
      • When a ship flies a yellow flag, it indicates the presence of an ill crew member, such as yellow fever. But this was also a trick that smart pirates used to avoid becoming the target of another ship.
    • Yo Ho Ho!
      • A cheery expression to get someone’s attention.

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