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    Show Related

    This section of our community is the section that holds all the topics created for conversations during the shows that Brian and Kristina read from when doing shows, as well as, our official gallery and personal diaries Brian and Kristina use to log their thoughts during adventures they go on.

    Something To Keep In Mind:

    • All of the sections below 'Show Related' are completely public, not private. What you post here will be seen by all who can access the internet. If you are trying to talk with someone in private, use our private message system.


    Today's Adventure Show [1]

    • The weekly show that is posted in this area of our community is posted in hopes to spark a conversation about what we have all seen and done.

    T.Stream (Live Stream Shows) [2]

    • The monthly show that is posted in this area of our community in hopes to interact with, and, get to know all of you on a more personal level. This show is a live broadcast.

    Ol'Salty's Spyglass (Past Adventure Image Galleries) [3]

    • The official Today's Adventure picture gallery of places we have been to.

    Captian's Manifesto (Brian and Kristina's Journals) [4]

    • Brian and Kristina's personal journals (Diaries).

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