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    Brian Klein

    Private Message System

    Sending a private message is not only safe for sensitive information to be passed back and forth to that individuals you chose invite into the conversation as participants, but is highly encouraged here at Today's Adventure. Not even our administrative staff (including Brian and Kristina) can see these conversations unless they are invited into the private conversation as participants. We work off the honor system when it comes to Private Messages you create and are involved in. We expect you to conduct yourself according to our [GUIDELINES] when using this system.

    The Private Messaging system behaves much like a private text message on your cell phone or a private correspondence you would write and send through the mail (Depending your age).

    This system can be located in the upper right corner of your screen (if on a desktop) as depicted by the red arrow in the image below. Simply click the 'envelope icon'


    A short drop-down menu will open with a few previous messages you have already been in, if not this section will be blank. You will have a few options to utilize at this point;

    • Compose New - Allows you to create a new private message right there on the spot.
    • Open Recent Messages - Allows you to go directly to the message you click on.
    • Go To Inbox - Allows you to go to your complete inbox.


    Your inbox you will see a complete list of private messages, both to you and from you (Depicted by Image Below);

    1. Complete list of private messages
    2. Header information of currently selected message 
    3. Current highlighted message from the list.


    To reply to a private message, scroll to the bottom of the conversation and click 'Reply to this conversation'; The action is the same as posting in any general conversation at the community.


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