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  • Brian Klein
    Brian Klein

    Crew Related

    Crew Related

    The section of our community where everything you and every other member creates will be located; from general discussion threads to questions you might have that other crew can answer and more.

    Something To Keep In Mind:

    • All of the sections below 'Crew Related' are completely public, not private. What you post here will be seen by all who can access the internet. If you are trying to talk with someone in private, use our private message system.


    Scallywag's Corner (General Discussion Area) [1]

    • Anyone can create posts in the general discussion area to spark up conversations. 

    Avast Ye Chanty (New Member Welcome Area) [2]

    • This is a special area that Kristina or Brian post to when a new member has joined the site and has been verified, anyone can reply to these conversations (or topics) to make the new member feel a bit more welcomed in the community. This area is created for the new member to feel welcomed. All are encouraged to pop in and say 'Hello' when a new member shows up there.

    Mutineer's Brig (Questions and Answers) [3]

    • This is an area where any question can be answered by any member at the community. You post your question, you will get an answer -- This is moderated heavily to weed out people who don't post real honest questions.

    Me Crew's Booty (Member Image Albums) [4]

    • Each member gets an album they can post pictures into, it is quite literally a photo album for people to put their pictures in.

    Me Crew's Manifesto (Member Journals) [5]

    • A place where the writer in you can post your own thoughts, feeling, or what have you -- the dinner you ate and how to make it. It's your personal Blog, Journal, Diary, whatever term you use (your own personal online diary or blog).

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