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    Our Community

    Our community is a place where people can gather publicly and join in while a show is on going or even share their own experiences; it is a place of togetherness requiring participation from all who are part of 'Me Crew'

    Sections of Our Community

    Once you have registered and become a full fledged member of our little happy home on the internet (Our Community), you are allowed to explore the various sections of the community freely. The three main sections are "Show Related", "Crew Related", and "Pirate Training". 

    There are two different ways to view the website;

    1. Desktop (the option we will be using to explain these tutorials now and in future tutorials, as all options on the mobile version are done on the menu that will be shown for mobile version)
    2. Mobile. For all future examples we will be only showing the desktop version of this guide as they have the same functionality with one exception: 

    The Desktop version of our site shows all functions of the site [1 and 2].


    The Mobile version of our site uses three lines [1] to represent functions of the site [2].


    Pirate Training

    The section you are currently in, a place for all new pirates to go that need some extra help understanding how this community works to learning to speak pirate!

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