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  • Brian Klein
    Brian Klein

    The Captain's List

    Ahoy, ye swashbucklin' scallywags,

    It isn't often me cap'n be goin on account to afford ye such spenders as what I am about to show ye. The cap'n has afforded ye the list whereas ye can seek swashbucklers and fair lassies to find treasures without hempen halter a dance with Jack Ketch or bein' marooned on the island just awaitin' a date with Davey Jones' Locker.

    Enough Talk; ye list awaits be sure to be lettin'em know ye cap'n's sent ya:

    We be affording ye the amenities of a man-o-war, as well be the pleasures accompanied by such a feat as well ... Thats only, if, you dare -- These be the mates you want to follow, but be warned; Dead men tell no tales.

     and there be more to come.

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