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    Brian Klein
    Brian Klein

    Pirate Training 101.2

    If ye can't trust a pirate, ye damn well can't trust a merchant either. Since yer here and we can't get rid of you through traditional means; ye might want be learn'in the local language or be run through; As the Cap'n expects a certain understanding before dealing with the likes of you and Jack Ketch ain't got time for you.

    • Carouser
      • Reckless or loud person who drinks excessively
    • Cat O'Nine Tails
      • A special kind of whip that has 9 strands
    • Chantey
      • Song sung together by sailors or pirates in unison, while they work
    • Chase
      • A vessel that is being pursued
    • Chase Gun
      • The main cannon at the bow of a ship
    • Clap of Thunder
      • Strong, alcoholic drink, like a shot
    • Cleave Him to the Brisket
      • An order to kill a man by cutting across his chest from the shoulders to stomach.
    • Clipper    
      • Fast-moving boat or ship
    • Coffer   
      • The treasure chest
    • Cog    
      • Smaller war ship
    • Corsair    
      • Pirates from the Mediterranean
    • Crack Jenny’s Teacup    
      • Term for spending the night with a prostitute
    • Crow's Nest    
      • A small lookout platform near the mast to see long distances
    • Cutlass    
      • A thick, heavy and rather short sword blade for pirates
    • Davy Jones' Locker    
      • A mystical fable about an evil spirit from the bottom of the ocean that draws pirates or sailors down to their death
    • Dead Men Tell No Tales    
      • An expression meaning no survivors left behind
    • Doubloons    
      • Types of Spanish gold coins piratesfind
    • Fathom    
      • Six feet
    • Feed the Fish    
      • About to die
    • Fire in the Hole    
      • Warning given to crew before a cannon is fired
    • Flogging    
      • Severe beating of a person
    • Galley    
      • Flat ship propelled manually by oars
    • Gangplank    
      • Removable ramp between the pier and ship
    • Go on Account    
      • A phrase pirates used to say they were turning into a pirate
    • Grog    
      • Rum or liquor diluted by water
    • Grog Blossom    
      • Someone with a red nose from drinking too frequently, alcoholic

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